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Timing Is Everything – In Magic – Comedy – Life!

Timing is Everything is a DVD by Tony Clark. If you already have it you know what excellence means. When a novice tells  me they saw something on youtube and they want it, I’ll often say they are not capable at this point in their career of doing something like that. They often don’t care. They want it.  Then they come back and tell me its so much trouble or something doesn’t work right. I tell them if they really want to be a magician,  there are 2 DVD’s they should watch if they want to know what lengths a magician will go to if he wants to do an effect. Timing is Everything is one, and Paul Getner’s Silver and Steel Volume 2, (Ring on Hourglass  effect) is the other. I tell them up front they will never do Ring on Hourglass, but its something I believe every magician should see, so they’ll know how much thought goes into a miracle!

But that isn’t why I wrote this post. I digressed. As magicians, mentalists, comedians, clowns, you know all that. What you don’t know is this.

I went to my granddaughter’s last soccer game of the season. She is all of 4 years old. Some of the girls on her team are unbelievable. They get it. They go after the ball, hang on to it when they can, pass it when they have to, kick it and score. Unbelievable to see a tiny blond 4 year old do that.

My granddaughter runs with the pack. If the ball ends up in front of her she’ll kick it. She knows what has to be done, but doesn’t have the drive yet. But there’s one little girl, when her name is called, she runs out onto the field and when the ball is kicked and everyone goes after it, she sits down and pulls out the blades of grass or finds some sand to play with on the field.

Well in this last game, (they play in teams of 5, no goalie’s at this age) our team is at the other’s net, trying to kick the ball in but the other team is stopping them when someone  from the other team got a hold of the ball and made a breakaway and headed towards our net.

She’s running down the field with both teams chasing after her with the exception of the little girl who is sitting on the grass with her back to them playing in the sand  not far from our net and the parents are cheering and yelling but this little girl is oblivious to the whole thing. At one point she decides to stand up and does so slowly, still with her back to the hoard running down the field. Just as the girl with the  ball is about to run past her, the sand player steps to the side, right  in front of  the girl with the ball  who bumps into her and stumbles, giving our team the chance it needed to reclaim the ball.

The coach told her what a great job she did and everyone cheered and called out her name and guess what!  She started to run down the field with her team. She was the hero.

So it doesn’t matter if its carefully planned or just by chance… timing is everything.

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