The Great Unknown – Magician, Clown, Comic & Gentleman

Two posts ago I wrote about Magic Dealers at  Magie Montreal 1988-89 and I received such a touching comment from one of our Convention Goers that I thought I would share it with you. It was from no one else but The Great Unknown. He was certainly known to anyone who attended Magie Montreal. This is what he said and it is a great compliment to us. Thank you Daniel for bringing so much laughter to Magie Montreal.

Boy ob oy did I have fun at the Magie Montreal conventions (as a matter of fact I never attended any other convention)! 99% of the magic equipment I ever owned came from Perfect Magic. The Magie Mtl conventions gave me a real incentive to perfect my art of being ridiculous. When Magie Montreal conventions became something of the past so did my short lived career. Just now I come to realize that I never told Phil & or Evy that THEY were responsible for my ten-year amateur (or, at best, semi-pro) career. To start with I got interested in magic by attending magic shows on Saturdays at the magic shop. Then I heard of the magic conventions and I got carried away. A million thanks to Phil & Evy for starting my fire and then nurishing it. Knowing you was a real treat. I only have sweet memories of this too far away past. Great job Phil & Evy. My very best regards to you.


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5 responses to “The Great Unknown – Magician, Clown, Comic & Gentleman

  1. Wow, Evy, nice pictures of me that you had in your vault. I wasn’t aware of their existence. Many thanks for posting them. Now they’ll be part of my memories too. Since I did act as MC (i.e. Massacrer of Ceremony) on few occasions at Magie Montreal that makes me a former employee of yours.
    And I can assure you that you and Phil (along with Bill) are the best bosses I ever had 🙂


    • Glad you like the photos. I have others as well, but I am not that organized to find them all now. I have it in mind to put all the photos up but who has time? One day. Thanks again for your kind words and funny acts!


  2. Daniel was (and I hope still is) one of the funniest magicians that I ever had the pleasure to watch perform. I also have very fond memories of him. Daniel, I hope you are well and still performing your extremely off-the-wall effects.


  3. Hi Stan! I do have fond memories of you too and do rember you as a gentleman with a class act. And no, I’m not doing magic anymore. I quit doing it years ago but nevertheless kept my interest alive and some of my most portable magic equipment. I was planning on starting over again in magic once I’ve retired (from the communications and computer science world). Now been a retiree for 4 years now and still ”thinking” of relapsing. I still hesitate.


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