Self-Working Magic

Many of our customers are finger flicking card magicians, and many are professional show people doing only magic for a living…believe it or not… but there are also many who are natural entertainers and don’t want to kill themselves or spend too much time on  learning the real deal. The  phrase “evidence of a misspent youth” comes to mind as I write this. They want self working magic, not to be confused with beginner magic. Beginner magic, in my mind, is for someone who is interested in learning how to do magic and needs a place to start, and he may have been inspired by one of those finger flickers and was impressed. He starts on that road, with simple stuff and progresses. Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic is wonderful for someone beginning in magic from age 12 and up. But some people don’t want to read. Furthermore they don’t want to practice. But they do want to do magic.

I’m not knocking this. Some people have excellent reasons for this. People giving speeches, or presenters for instance, may want to do something to wake the audience up. Do something dramatic at the beginning and they’ll pay attention to see what’s coming next. I , for one, once was called upon to do an after dinner speech for Hydro Ontario. When I got up on stage  I put my hand around the metal microphone  stand and using a funkin’ ring sparks went flying. I asked if there happened to be an electrician in the room and it nearly brought the house down. It was clear sailing after that. It wasn’t real magic but it did the trick, so to speak.

A chemist who was promoting a fertilizer at a conference came in one day to see what I had for him. The Growing Glove was perfect for him, when he explained to his audience that he got some fertilizer on the glove. And then there was the guy who needed something small for a conference and his  jaw dropped when I did the Bill Tube for him but said he didn’t want it. I couldn’t understand why. He said he was not a magician and he could never do anything like that. I showed him how it was done, which is something I normally don’t do, but I knew he could do it. As soon as he saw it he said “sold”. Then he chuckled and said, “It’s a conference for engineer’s and not one them will figure this out!” He was thrilled. Of course I told him he would still have to practice. There’s always “patter” and timing that must be considered to get the most out of it, as every good magician knows.

Why am I writing about this? I have customers who ask for my advice on what  is easy. There are so many tricks out there. I looked up our categories and we don’t have a self-working category. Hmmm. In case Phil thinks he is way behind in his work now, wait till I inform him that he has to create and list another category. In the meantime if you want a self-working trick just write “self-working magic” in our google search (located under our search box which will not do the trick) and you’ll get pages of self- working tricks or anything else you happen to be interested in.

A customer just came in and wanted ACAAN. He’s been through our site many times but never used the google search. It’s thanks to my son Mike  that I even know about it and I had it installed  immediately. It saves me so much time and frustration. I hope you use it too. I showed our customer what happens when I put the topic  in the google search and clicked on the magnifying glass on the right of it. He thanked me profusely.

So if you’re looking for Self Working Magic or anything else, just put it in our google search et voila!

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