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Paul Potassy and A Lesson in Magic.

Many years ago, another life time ago, when we were living in Hampstead, it must have been in 1977 or thereabouts, Paul Potassy and his wife came to Montreal. Paul phoned us. He had a stint at the then new Bonaventure Hotel, and he invited Phil  and I to be his guests at  his show. I think the name of the night club in the hotel was the Cafe Conc  and don’t think it isn’t bothering me that I can’t remember all these things exactly. It’s only 35 years ago. What I do remember is that I invited him and his wife to our home for dinner which he accepted. I do remember that we had raclette and little potatoes amongst other things, but I remember that  because I left the raclette machine too close to the dining room beveled mirror above the server and the mirror cracked  from the heat of it.

In any case after dinner Paul did some magic for us. He did table magic with coins and cards  and he dazzled us. The next night we went to see him perform at the hotel. He was marvelous. I don’t remember his act, which has more to do with my memory than his act. What I do remember was at one point, he had a spectator choose a card and replace it in the deck. Phil leaned over to me and said, “I don’t believe it but I think he is using a stripper deck.”  After the show we got together with Paul and his wife and Phil asked him if that’s what he used. He said yes. Phil said, “after what you did last night at the dinner table, why would you resort to using a stripper deck.” He answered, ” When I do a show I don’t want to think about magic. The only thing I want to focus on is my audience.” I guess a lesson could be learned from that!


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