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Knock’em Out Magic

Many years ago, at least 15, maybe more, Romaine and Joan were visiting and so were a brother and sister-in-law of mine and another couple who were friends of my brother and his wife. We were sitting around the dining room table having coffee and cake and someone asked if Romaine would do some magic. He did some card tricks and maybe sponge balls and then he got to the coins. He did coins through the table. My sister-in-law’s friend, who is a very intelligent and sophisticated lady could not believe her eyes. She kept on asking him to do it again and again and practically sat on top of him.

My sister-in-law, at one point said, “For Pete’s sake, it just a magic trick, Enjoy it.” (Her son, my nephew, was into magic at one time so she took it in her stride) But her friend would have none of it. Its impossible she said. At one time she actually went under the table to watch. Romaine said to her, “You know, you’re my first adult to crawl under the table.”

Finally Romaine said to her, as she was really perplexed and could not understand how she, such an educated person could not figure this out, “Listen, I know the table is upsetting you, so let’s forget about the table.” He stood up and and she stood right in front of him and he said, “Look, there are 4 coins in one hand and nothing in the other.” He closed his hands and said “Now watch, a little shake of the hands”, which were nowhere near each other, ” and a magic word, and …voila”  He opened his hands and only three coins were in one hand and one was now in the other. She was flabbergasted. Actually, so was I.  We all enjoyed it, and also enjoyed her utter disbelief in the fact that it could happen two inches from her nose and she couldn’t figure it out. I don’t think she enjoyed it at all.

A few years later we were in the now defunct Brown Derby in the Van Horne Shopping Center with Romaine and Joan and as we walked to our table, who did we pass? My sister-in-law’s friend and her husband sitting at a table and having a bite. They saw us and got all excited and Romaine said to her, “It’s so nice to see you again. Have you been under any tables lately?” We all had a great laugh.

I find myself smiling as I write this.


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