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World’s Greatest Magic Starring Phil Matlin and Others!

World’s Greatest Magic is a DVD series put out  by L & L Publishing.  It’s a great series. It boasts The World’s Greatest Magic by The World’s Greatest Magicians. Each DVD deals with a different subject and you get different magicians dealing with one subject.

For instance, one  DVD in the series deals with Wild Card and Steve Dacri, Tommy Wonder, Harry Allen, Eric DeCamps, Boris Wild, Darwin, and Scotty York, all do and teach their special take on Wild Card.

Another one is just about the Thumb Tip. You would surely learn a thing or two from Michael Ammar, Richard Osterlind, Roger Klause, Alexandre de Cova, Ted Lesley, Al Schneider, Jeff Sheridan, Fernano Keops, Paul Diamond, Steve Dacri, Paul Wilson, and Dan Harlan. So you get the idea. They perform and teach and some of them teach more than one effect…all with the thumb tip. In case you thought you knew everything!

I didn’t count them but I’m sure there are over 60 DVD’s in the series. They just came out with the latest one, The Secrets of The Endless Chain WGM, which is an entertaining and puzzling gambling swindle. I’m sure Johnny Thompson and Bobby Bernard were thrilled to be on the same DVD as our own Phil Matlin.  A young Phil Matlin I might add. You just have to live long enough!


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