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A Sad Day For The Magic Community

Many magic effects released on the market start with ” This is one of the greatest secrets in magic and has never been released… until now!”   Well, I’ve always enjoyed writing my blog… until now. It is with a heavy heart that I write this. By now I’m sure the everyone has heard about Hank Lee. When I heard about it on Saturday I was in complete shock. But more than shock the feeling I was left with was sadness. We’ve known Hank for 35 years. We’ve had 19 Magic Montreal Conventions and I think he was at every one. Maybe he missed one or two. I don’t remember. He started Hank Lee’s Magic factory about a year before  we  started Perfect Magic. We were friends. Phil stayed at his house in Boston. We were one of the few magic people that were invited to his wedding, which we attended.  We were friends.

When Dave Cresey  threatened to walk out of a Magie Montreal Convention when I wouldn’t let him smoke in the dealers’ room, Hank went over to Phil and said, “I know Dave is supposed to be on the show today. I’ll gladly fill in for him if you need me”.

This is why  its so sad. You think you know someone. I don’t know what trouble he was in or why he did what he did, how he got caught up in it. I guess we’ll never know that part.


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