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Real Magicians At Any Age Can Keep A Secret!

About 4 years ago a man came into the shop with a  sweet little boy of 4 years old. The man asked if we had tricks his little boy could do. We certainly did. I demonstrated one for the little boy. He didn’t say a word. His father asked. Did you like that? The boy nodded. The father said. We’ll take it. What else do you have. I showed him another trick. The father asked him once again if he liked it. He nodded again. And this went on for a while. The child never said one word the whole time and I came to the conclusion that he couldn’t speak, but he could understand.

The father paid and I put everything in a bag and handed it to the boy. I looked at him and said. You know, the tricks and how you do them is a secret. You can’t tell your friends how their done. And the father said to him. Do you understand? And the boy nodded once again. And I asked him, “Can you keep the secret?” I expected a nod but instead  he answered me.

“I can keep the secret, but I won’t be able to keep my friends.”

His father threw his head back and laughed. I was in a state of shock.  4 years old.

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