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What Some People Will Do To Get Magic!

The question is this. Who broke into our magic shop that night, shortly before January 6, 2004. Perfect Magic Now has a burglar alarm. We didn’t used to then. After someone broke into the shop we had to get an alarm in order to get insurance. So now we pay our cousin, Joel Matlin from Alarm Force, who you may have seen on TV or heard on radio, every month for protection.

Since that time many years ago there have been other break ins in our building with the victims being a hair styling school, a video shop, etc. but they left us alone, so I guess the warning on the door works. Now those businesses are also customers of Alarm Force.

One might think that since others were  robbed at other times, it many not have been a magician who robbed our magic shop one night in early January 2004. Wrong! It was a magician or two. Because of how much they took and the weight of it all we figured it was more than one person. In those days we were across the hall from where we are now and had a much bigger shop, with a separate office, and stock room. We had 6 large glass counters for display with one of everything in them. Below the counters were boxes filled with stuff. They weren’t interested in extra stock (with some exceptions), they just cleared out out counters, completely. They took books, good ones, so they knew what they were doing. Futhermore, they didn’t take any money! Just magic! one of each, for the most part. Some of the things they took more of. They knew exacty what they were doing. Oh, and they stole my camera equipment. It was packed in a carrying case so it was easy for them. I’m a document examiner and had things like bellows, macro lenses, and all kinds of stuff.  I’m sure there was other stuff, too but by their selection of the magic books alone dedicated to one subject, we knew they were magicians. The police took fingerprints etc, but there were so many different ones on the glass  that it was useless. I confess I didn’t clean the glass at the end of each day. They were never caught. I still wonder about it sometimes.


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