Magicians and Their Wallets

Most people have a wallet. It’s what magicians would call an ordinary everyday object. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons they are so appealing to magicians. There are many DVD’s and books dealing with Magic with Everyday Objects. It makes the magic  more wondrous when achieved with a familiar object. I counted the wallets on our site and there are 36 different wallets which does not exhaust the supply as I’m sure there are others which we just don’t carry. This is besides the books and DVD’s on the subject. The question is “How many wallets does a magician actually need?” I can answer that, because before Phil was a Magic Dealer and owner of Perfect Magic he was a magician. Guess what he used to collect? You got it. Magic Wallets. Every one that came out was better or had a feature in it the previous ones didn’t have, so he had to have them all. Sound familiar? Believe it or not, that wasn’t the worst part of his collectibles. It was rather cheap in comparison. He’s a musician, remember. A piano player. Yes, at one time I believe we had 4 pianos. A grand in the living room,  an upright honky tonk with thumb tacks in the pads in the basement, an electric piano and a piano in the country house we used to rent when the kids were young. But I digress.

The most popular thing you can do with a wallet is make a signed card that has disappeared from a deck appear in the zipped compartment of a wallet. How did it get there without the spectator’s knowledge? I knew because Phil collected them. But then one day, we were at a convention in Chicago. We had a dealer’s both filled with all sorts of things. Next to me was Peter Scarlett from England. All he had was wallets and 2 other tricks, card tricks I think. The back table was stacked with wallets. Tons of them. I may have written about this in another blog, but couldn’t find it. I could not, for the life of me figure out how he did the trick. It looked like an ordinary hip pocket wallet. he never palmed a card. He called it the Pimpernel Notepad, but its a wallet. I guess because he is from England they call their dollar bills notes. Makes sense. I watched him over and over. Phil watched him. We had no idea how he did it. Nor did any of the magicians at that Chicago convention. He sold out. We have been selling them in the shop ever since. It must have been in the early 1990’s because he came to Magie Montreal in 1995, our 16th Annual Magic Convention.

Well, now there is something new on the market. You don’t even need a wallet. It’s called ANY Signed CARD to ANY Spectators WALLET by Michael Ammar and Jeff  Kaylor. It got an excellent write up in the Genii. I’m curious to know if any of my readers have it and what they think of it. I look forward to your feedback.

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