Jeff Sheridan Synonymous With Street Magic

As I may have mentioned, Phil and I are working feverishly on the Perfect Magic website as it still needs a lot of tweaking. I found that in some of the descriptions some words run together or the writing is tiny or its difficult to read so I have taken on the task of going through each write up and fixing it.  I’m  on the J’s. I came to Jeff Sheridan 4 DVD’s and the blurb under the title read “As popular as the concept is now, contemporary street magic can all be traced back to one time, one place and to one performer – Jeff Sheridan.”  As I went though the DVD descriptions I found myself saying, WOW, does he ever give away a lot of stuff. He used to have a book, Street Magic which we used to carry, with his picture on the cover. That’s how I knew who he was. There was no YouTube at that time.

The book Street Magic by Jeff Sheridan (1977) has been out of print for maybe 20 years. That’s how I know it must have been at least 20 years ago that Jeff Sheridan sauntered into Perfect Magic, our magic shop, and said something like, Hi, I’m Jeff Sheridan, a visiting magician and I thought I drop in to say hello. Phil said, I know who you are and I’m pleased to meet you in person. They started talking, the way magicians do. Phil asked him if he was working and  Jeff said  no. He had come to town to visit a friend. They chatted for a while and then he left. The next day he was back. It was summer and the weather happened to be gorgeous. His friend had taken him to Prince Arthur  St. for supper the night before –  a couple of blocks are closed off to traffic and are full of restaurants all with outdoor terraces. He said he couldn’t resist that. He bought a hank of rope and asked if  we would come to watch him perform? Of course we would.

After work we went straight to Prince Arthur and there was Jeff  finding himself a place to work. He chose a backdrop of high shrubs and started  working. He did ropes and cards and I don’t remember what else. I don’t remember him doing anything drastic to draw attention to himself. All I know is that within a few minutes he had such a mob around him that we couldn’t figure out where they came from. We moved back to let others see the show and when it was over Phil tried to put money in the hat. Phil couldn’t get near him, and he smiled at Phil and shook his head “no”. The people were pushing each other to get to throw their bills in the hat. He did well, his audience appreciated it. He thanked us for coming down and we were so glad we did!


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2 responses to “Jeff Sheridan Synonymous With Street Magic

  1. Forgot to mention… if the elephant you produce is in an advanced state of
    rigor-mortis, the fee drops another 25% 😉 Point being, as Evey wisely suggest –always find out what the client wants, then if it’s above and beyond your “standard” show –charge them as “add-ons”… especially if there is an elephant in the room! 😉


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