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A Tip of the Hat To The Contestants – Magic of Course!

Last week I wrote about Gene Anderson. In 1989, a mere 22 years ago, he performed at Magie Montreal, our yearly Magic Convention back then. As I was going through material for the blog I came across photos of the contestants for the close up contest show and stage contest show of that year They were great. Over the years it happened many times that the Contest Show outshone the professional show.

Our M.C. for the Stage Show was  The Great UnKnown ( Daniel Raymond) and the contestants were Andre Boisvert, Salvatore Gervasi, Sylvain Charron, Tom Rutherford.

Our Sunday Close -Up Contestants were Raymond Dionne, Jocelyn Gauthier and Chris Pilsworth., who won the coveted Tom Auburn award.

And the winners are:


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