Super Stars David Acer and Richard Sanders

We had a special visitor in the magic shop today.  I’ve written a few blogs about my 5 year old grandson who is into magic. His mother dropped him off at the shop today as he is between day care and kindergarten. We volunteered to look after him. He  became fascinated with the bang gun, joy buzzer and the magic light bulb and was practicing them ardently when who should walk into the store? David Acer  and Richard Sanders. I introduced them to my grandson and in less than a minute he asked Richard if he wanted to see some magic. How could Richard say no to that? So he showed him the light bulb which lit up in his hand.

“You wanna try?” asked my grandson.

” Oh, I could do that.” said Richard. He took the light bulb in his hand and squeezed it but nothing happened. He looked at the kid and said, How did you do that? and the kid took back the light and make it light up again. Richard said, now I know how and took it back and tried with all his might but the light wouldn’t go on. The kid was killing himself laughing. This continued for a long time with the kid just roaring. Richard finally gave up so he went to David. You wanna try, he asked. David said, Oh , I can do that. He took the bulb and tried, but no luck. The kid just had the most marvelous time fooling these guys, who anyone could see were trying their very hardest to light that  light. They went through all the theatrics

When all was said and done, they left and I said to my grandson. “You know, those guys are famous magicians and comedians. One has his own T.V. Show,” and I showed him the autographed photo of David in a shot from Mystery Hunters. And I told him he wrote books, and that Richard has made DVD’s, which I showed him. And what does the kid say to me? Really? I said yes, really. And he said. Hmmm, and they didn’t even know that trick! And I said, Maybe they’re not so great after all. And he said, Maybe not.

Phil and I were killing ourselves after for not taping it.


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3 responses to “Super Stars David Acer and Richard Sanders

  1. Dave Harvey

    As I can see, your grand son is a wonderful source of good stories. Always funny to read (I must admit that the writer knows how to tell those funny anecdotes). There is an evident love for your little boy! Me, I don’t have my grand parents anymore, but I know they loved me when I was a young boy. Today their memories are among the most precious I have. Keep on giving the most useful gift of all, your love. Love moves mountains and light ups…light bulbs!

    Take care!
    Dave Harvey


    • Philip Matlin

      Funny is not the word. You had to be here. That boy was ecstatic and laughing so hard I thought he would pass out. Richard and David were terrific. They played their parts perfectly as only they can. The only hitch was that the stupid grandparents only though of taping it after everyone left, even though I had my iPhone that takes great videos.


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