There’s Magic and Then There’s Magic

I’ve written a few posts about my little five year old grandson and his magic. He’s a sensitive kid and a thinker. He’s not aggressive or particularly sports minded, although he takes swimming lessons, skating lessons and plays soccer. He likes to play defense in soccer. He’s never out there eager to get the ball. They play 2 evenings a week. One night practice and one night a game with another team. His father happens to be the coach. This kid is terrific in practice. He listens to all the instructions and watches and does all the moves. Phil and I are there usually both nights to watch him or amuse his sister. Next year she’ll play too.

I must say, they whole team has improved so much from last year that its unbelievable. Some are really into it and are after that ball. My grandson, not so much. He runs with the pack. He likes the comeraderie and the oranges at half time and the popsicles at the end but…

The last game of the season was Thursday night and we watched and cheered him on as usual and then somehow he had the ball in front of him. He made a breakaway but was far from the other net. He ran with the ball, kicking it a bit at a time from one foot to the other, as he did so well in practice. Both teams were running after him, but he kept on going. One kid from the other team ran to guard the net, and I was praying that he wouldn’t kick it outside the goal post, where so many promising balls have gone before. We were screaming our lungs out, me, Phil, his mother and all the relatives and teammates’ parents. And he kept on going slow and steady manoeuvering this way and that way until he got to the net and just kicked it in right past the kid. I don’t care where you are. You must have heard us cheering. He turned around and was so overcome, we thought he would burst into tears. His father, the coach, gave him a high five and then swooped him up in his arms.

The big game !

I said to his mother later. “You know, when I revisit the scene in my head, I see it in slow motion.”

“Me too. I see it like the scene in Chariots of Fire.”  That’s just what it was like.

He just kept on going and put it right in there. That was magic!

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