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Magic in His Blood!

My grandson is 5 years old. As I mentioned in a earlier blog, that when he graduated from day care I gave him a magic kit that I assembled. He now gets an allowance for doing chores around the house like letting the dogs out into the yard and letting them back in again.  The yard door is in the basement  so it saves his  parents a trip up and down the stairs. What does that have to do with anything? He was on the sidewalk in front of his house, about to go to the dollar store to buy something with his allowance. His next door neighbour, a little boy about a year younger than him came out onto the balcony.

My grandson saw him and said, “Hey, you wanna see a magic trick?”  My daughter and her husband looked at each other with question mark looks? ” He doesn’t have any magic tricks on him. But they didn’t say anything, they just waited to see what would happen.

“Yes”, said the little boy.

“Well, come down the stairs.”

The little  boy came down the stairs.  When he reached the bottom stair, my grandson reached over to his ear and pulled out a Toonie, ( A Canadian $2.00 coin) which was his allowance that he had been holding in his hand to buy something at the dollar store. The kid was amazed. His parents were amazed. Yes, we had pulled sponge balls out of his ears, but we never taught him how we did it or even told him how. He had a coin in his hand, he saw an audience and took advantage of it. It makes me smile every time I think about it.


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