World’s Greatest Magician and the World’s Greatest Magic Trick

So just who is the world’s greatest magician? Of course you know there are different categories. There are stage magicians, close-up magicians, children’s party magicians, street magicians, bar magicians,  corporate magicians, comedy magicians, illusionists, mentalists and the list goes on. Who is the world’s greatest? Who is the world’s most sought after magician. And what is the greatest trick known to mankind?

At one point, I thought I had the answer. Let me explain. Phil and I spend a lot of time working on the web site. I do the banners and the blog, some  facebook, and other stuff as well. About  3 weeks ago I looked up a product on our site and I noticed that some of the words ran into each other. So I started looking at some more and noticed that some of the writing was very small.  I then saw some write-ups which were long, without breaks or spaces, just one word after the other. I was embarrassed. After all, our name is Perfect Magic. How perfect was that? So I started to edit the write-ups one by one. I started with the DVDs. I may have missed some, not many. Now I’m on the books. I may even go back and redo them, ( I redid some already), because as you go along, you learn things. But that’s beside the point.

The point is in order to edit them, you actually have to read them and read them I did. You have no idea how many “greatest close-up artist that ever lived” there are, or maybe you do.  Logically speaking, there should only be one.  Also this one is bewildering. Dozens claim,” If you only know one trick in magic this should be it”! How about this one, “This is one of card magic’s best kept secret – until now” or  how many have claimed that their trick is the “most visually stunning and commercial ever!”

So what is the customer to believe? In my editing, I took out most of the hyperbole. Sometimes, when I saw the author made an attempt to be original I left it in. My aim is this. To let you see at a glance what the trick is about, and to make it easier to read, and if you like it, fine. I admit I found it just a little annoying to have to read about eye-popping, unbelievable, exciting, breathtaking, best ever in the whole world, etc, to get to the meat of the matter. To the people writing up the tricks I say this; because you say its exciting, doesn’t make it exciting. I still say a trick is a trick and its the magician that makes it exciting or not. True, some tricks are better than others, but if you read my last blog, you’ll know what I’m talking about. We know you are trying to sell the tricks. So are we, but please… Tell us what the trick does. Show us what it does. Tell us if  its easy or hard,  or for stage or for close up, or if its a quick reset, examinable, etc. These are things the buyers want to know.

So now I’m taking out the BS before a new product goes in and I’m working hard on the items already in to make it easier for you to read. I’m sure you’ll recognize the ones I’ve attacked. Let me know what you think. Maybe you like the hyperbole, and I’m just wasting my time.


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2 responses to “World’s Greatest Magician and the World’s Greatest Magic Trick

  1. I like the idea of seeing less exclamation marks in product descriptions, but you’ve really got your work cut out for you. Especially with titles like “Harry Lorayne is probably the best teacher of, entertainer with close-up card magic EVER!”

    In a world where marketing seems to be an arms race of bigger and better adjectives, I don’t see the honest and humble approach catching on.


    • Well, Daryl is a wonderful teacher, so is Michael Ammar and Jeff McBride, and David Roth but are they the best in the whole world? Could they all be the best? Lots of wonderfuls, but only one best. And especially best in the whole world…ever! Kind of takes away from the credibility of the one that’s making the claim, don’t you think?


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