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So you’re looking for ways to save money!

Thursday, July 14, 2011 was one of those rare days I was not in the Magic Shop.

I had been invited by the International Startup Festival at the Old Port to be a Judge along with 5 other Grandmothers to select one on the startups as winner. Now you might be wondering what techies would want with a bunch of old grandmothers, beside the fact that we, our age group, are the greatest buyers on the internet; mostly retired with disposable incomes, etc. Those are the statistics.

But that’s not why we were chosen. We were chosen because the organizers of the Festival wanted the winner to be someone that as well as having a great product, would be a great presenter, making the usefullness of his product evident even to people who are not that technically savvy. Believe me, I qualify!

So we spent the day listening to pitches and presentations delivered for the most part by young ambitious, creative young men with dreams of making millions. Some of them already did. But believe it or not, I don’t think its about the money. I spoke to one guy in his 30’s who sold his business for $ That’s right $80 million. Now he’s in there, pitching his next idea.  I asked why he needed the money for a startup if he got 80M. He said he didn’t get 80M, he sold the business for 80 M. There were his investors to pay off plus others so you don’t get left with that much. And it all goes into the next project, which he is passionate about.

We were there from 8:00 am to about 9:00pm, a long an exciting day, and heard many wonderful ideas but we  could chose only one.

After much deliberation we, the grandmothers, chose, Onavo. If I were you I would download the app for your iphone. Right now its free, but in time they may charge a fee  but you will still be saving a lot of money on your bills. What this app does is condense the data, so you pay less. Phil and my daughter signed up immediately and I’m sure every one of the over 1000 people at the Festival did too. Check it out. I want you to save money on your phone bills so you’ll have more to spend in the Magic Shop!

We choose Onavo because his presentation was great. He did a live demonstation by having everyone in the audience tweet him and showed us the cost and then the savings on the big screen. The demographics covers young and old alike and he had a revenue generating plan. What was not to like?

So, save your money and place your orders. Every time you get a phone bill it will be like free magic! We look forward to your response!


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