David Ginn

On June 6, 2011 I phoned David Ginn, who I haven’t spoken to in about 20 years.

In case you’re not familiar with the name, David Ginn is an author of many magic books, inventor of tricks, and children’s performer. He has spent many years doing school shows.

He came in to do a lecture for Perfect Magic back then and after the lecture he came to our home with our good friends, Joan and Romaine, who were living in Montreal back then, and we had a game of Trivial Pursuit. When I phoned him  after 20 years and said it was Evy Matlin the first thing he said was that I cheated because we used a Canadian version of the game. We had a great laugh. He told me he had an operation for a pinched nerve and he is back doing his shows.

I phoned him because one of our customer’s wanted a certain effect that was exclusively his. He was curious as to why someone would not order from him directly. I explained that this person wanted one thing from him, another thing from someone else and so on and didn’t want to have to deal with each person. It’s easier to order just from one person. He understood. He said if he had one he’d gladly sent to me but hasn’t had the item for a year and half due to manufacturing problems. He said if I ever need anything else, I should call him. He was happy to hear from me and I was happy to learn that he was well again, as I had heard he had medical problems.

I write this blog because I was touched that after all these years he instantly remembered what a fun time we had together those 20 years ago. When he was about to get a pie in the game he say “It’s pie time” in his southern accent . He promised to send us a little background about himself , how he got started in magic and a tip for magicians starting out. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

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