A Magic Graduation Gift

Speaking of Children’s Magic, my grandson had his graduation last week. From Day Care!  He’s five. He’s been in day care around 4 years.The graduation class performed a delightful musical show and then received their diplomas. It was adorable, says the grandmother.

I never would have thought about getting him a gift for daycare graduation. From time to time I give him little tricks, but on the day of his graduation it became important for me to give him something special. He  has tons of toys and clothes, so that was out. I know he loves magic and when he was at the shop last time, I did the Dice Bomb for him. He loved it, but, I didn’t feel his little fingers would be able to set it up each time so I never told him how it was done. I said when he was older I would give it to  him.  He also loves when I do Sponge Balls for him. Again I never gave it to him as I thought 5 was too young. Well, now he’s graduating. He’s big, right?

I took down a little Magic Close-Up Case which you can lock, and  it has adjustable compartments, but no tricks. I filled it with a Mirror Glass,  a Dice Bomb, Sponge Balls, a Magical Block, a few silks for the Mirror Glass, a little puzzle,  and a Double Color Changing Handkerchief. I wrapped it all up and as I was leaving the graduation I gave it  to him. He was thrilled to get the present, although he didn’t know what it was yet. I left and never had the chance to see him open it.

His mother told me he was delighted with it. The best part? The magic case had keys and he could lock it!

The next morning when my daughter woke up she couldn’t understand why the house was so quiet. His door was ajar and she peeked in to see him practicing his magic tricks. How perfect is that?


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4 responses to “A Magic Graduation Gift

  1. Paul M. Kruse

    It’s one of the best kinds of “perfect” there is! 😀 Wonderful story Evy !!


  2. The best part about this story is how a few days later, one of his friends asked to see a trick. They all traipsed up to his room and I was left in the kitchen, stewing.

    “What’s wrong?” my husband asked.

    “He took his friends upstairs to show them magic tricks, but he hasn’t practiced enough. He’s going to show them how all the tricks are done. I know he’s only 5 and it’s irrational for me to be upset, but I am.”

    Moments later, when his friend’s mother arrived to pick her up, the little girl came downstairs, mightily pissed off.

    “What’s wrong?” the mother asked.

    “I asked to see a trick twice, and he said no! He just put it right away and wouldn’t even let me touch it.”

    I guess he’s got magic in his blood….


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