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Magic for Beginners and Children’s Magic

Often people will come to the shop and say they’d like to buy children’s magic.

My question is, “Who is going to be doing the magic, you or the children?”

If the answer is “I am. I’m going to do a little show for them.” Then I ask, “Have you done magic before?” and I keep on asking questions until I know what they need.

If the answer is, “ No it’s for the children to do.” Then I have to know how old the children are, if they have done magic before, and if so what do they have, how much he wants to spend, etc. If they have never done magic before, then it becomes for Beginner Magic for Children.

What I suggest depends on the age.  Because I recommend something for a two year old, does not for one minute mean that it is not appropriate for an adult as well.  If you read my other blogs you would know that my 2 year old grandson gave a stellar performance with perfect timing of the Appearing Flower. He could hardly speak but knew exactly when to say Tah-dah!

So I thought I would make a list, if anyone wants to know what to get as a gift and what it would cost for children of various ages and would also give you an idea of what is Easy To Do Magic (not neccessarily for children).

Everyone should know their own children.  A 3 year old can do The Appearing Flower  and the Magic Coin Slide as well as the Magical Block. If however they are still putting things in their mouth, then don’t give them things that involve coins.  And of course you have to teach it to them. I found the best way is to perform the trick for them so that they are amazed and then teach them how to do it.  You’d be surprised at how fast they learn. A 6 year old can  learn the Kurious Kords, otherwise known as the Professor’s Nightmare, and the Magic Coloring book.We have a mini version. Zig Zag Rope is another easy one.

At the same time as I teach them a trick I teach them about Magic manners. They have to keep it a secret and if they go to a  The Double Changing Colour Handkerchief is another easy to do trick. I’m sure a 5 year old could do that. 8 year olds can do Nickles to Dimes. I know that for a fact because my father bought that for me when I was 8 and it kept me busy a long time.

At the same time as I teach them a trick I teach them about Magic manners. They have to keep it a secret and if they go to a show and a magician is performing they must never say that they know how it’s done, as that is rude. I know some adults who don’t observe those simple rules.I also tell them that magic tricks are not toys. They are special and should be kept in a special place where their friends can’t get to them when they come over to play.

So these are some examples of tricks that are appropriate for children or beginner adults. There are many more and if you are interested let me know and I’ll make a longer list.

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