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Its a Small World Now!

The theme of the Perfect Magic blog is Perfect Magic Then and Now. When we first went into business over 35 years ago we used to mail, not email, but mail a newsletter to our customers, who were mostly from Montreal, which is where our place of business is. We’d write about upcoming events and new stuff  that came out on the market, pretty much what we do now on our home page and on face book the main difference being that then we paid 25 cents for postage and now we pay a gizillion dollars to an internet server, which is beside the point.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about wands. Then I would have written about it pretty much the same way but instead of clicking on the link there would have been a photo or illustration beside the particular item. All those who I sent a letter to would know about them if they read the letter.

Now I write and anyone in the whole world can and does read my mail. Here I thought maybe nobody reads it. I know my son does, because he usually comments. I also know from my site stats that since I started writing six months ago, close to 4,000 people have read my post.  I’m impressed. What sort of threw me for a loop, however, was that I got an email from someone in India that makes wands. I thought I had wands pretty well covered. Oh, I know I forgot a few, like the Slush Wand, etc, but in India you can have your own individual personal wand carved out of wood. They look good, too.

The point is, I don’t think it was a coincident that a wand maker sent me info on his company a week after I wrote a blog about wands. So back in 1977, I would not have known about this wand maker in India. I thought I would share these beautiful wands with you. Enjoy!


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