Magic Wands Gone Wild

The subject of wands has been buzzing around my head since I read an article this month’s issue  of MUM magazine. (MAGIC- UNITY- MIGHT) which is the monthly magazine sent to members of The Society of American Magicians, which also includes Canadians.

So why, when and where did the idea of white tips on magicians wands come into play? Y.R. Layerton, in his column MAGIC Looking Backwards writes a fascinating article on the subject. The bare facts are that it was in Sydney, Australia in 1899 in a Vaudeville Theatre when someone suggested the magician should use bright tips on the end of his stick so that it could be seen when he held it in front of his black tuxedo.

That was probably the first variation of a magic wand – but not the last!

Pick a wand, any wand!

If you click on the blue “wand” above you’ll get a list of about 50 different wands on the Perfect Magic Site. And that list does not exhaust the variety that exists. They come in all colours and sizes from 3 inches to 8 feet. They appear, they vanish, they change colour,  break apart, multiply, stretch, bend, rise,  unravel to reveal an x-xray of the magician’s stomach with the selected card inside, they light up, make music,  make different shapes, they produce flowers, silks, coins, confetti, fire, and bangs! They change the colour of water and hold long needles. They come in plastic, wood, metal, lucite, even paper and of course you are no longer limited to white tips but you can choose from silver, gold, or brass, glitter, and lets not forget the one with the pop-off tips… You can imagine the price varies as well from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Wands are used for 3 reasons – to attract, distract or entertain.

What would a magician do with out his wand?


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5 responses to “Magic Wands Gone Wild

  1. In the middle of the night it came to me that I left out the wand that changes to a feather duster. Great clown item!


  2. What would a magician do without his wand? I’m thinking that is a loaded question.


  3. I only JUST found out about the broken wand ceremonies. 😦


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