Magicians Peforming For Magicians

Many years ago we went to a restaurant in Toronto. We were with other people but it was so long ago I can’t remember if it was our children or our friends, not that the two are mutually exclusive, but I know there were other people at the table. It was a restaurant on Adelaide St. and they had a show called “A Little Nite Magic”. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

They had an MC who knew who we were, owner’s of Perfect Magic and the people who put on Magie Montreal every year, (at that time). When he saw us sitting in the audience he visibly gasped but he pulled himself together. The performer who did walk around magic was someone who came to the convention every year. We waited patiently for him to come to our table to do some magic but he never did, although I’m sure he went to every other table. When we finished dinner, Phil went over to him and said ” How come you didn’t do any magic for us?”  His answer. Well, you’re Phil Matlin, aren’t you?”

Another time George Schindler was in town for a show and Phil suggested that they go for brunch at the Sheraton Center downtown, where Magic Tom Auburn did walk around magic every Sunday morning. We knew Tom very well and but this was the first time Tom and George met. Tom knew very well who George Schindler was. He came straight to our table and after the introduction and greetings Tom asked if we would like to see a little magic. I guess this was morning magic as opposed to “nite” magic. We said yes and entertain us he did. He was, as always, very charming and if he was nervous, there was no sign of it. We all thoroughly enjoyed his performance. Of course he didn’t fool us, he didn’t even try, but he sure did entertain us and we greatly appreciated it.

Which brings me to my son Brian, and something he wrote in his blog  this week which I will share with you.

“One of the first times behind the ‘Perfect Magic’ counter at a magic convention I was performing an effect for a customer when two very prominent figures in magic walked up to watch, (Sid Loraine and Frank Garcia).  Suddenly I became a jumble of nerves.  Later Mr. Garcia found me sitting in the lobby and he said to me that I should never be nervous when performing in front of another magician.  “A true magician,” he said,” will always be there to help you. We are after all, a brotherhood.”  I try to remember this bit of wisdom when dealing with people in general.  I’ve got to tell you, I’m not always successful.”

Would you care to share your experiences performing for other magicians? Were you nervous? What was your reaction? When I was a student at McGill, I did a paper on Doctors treating Doctors and Doctors as Patients. I made some fascinating discoveries from those who were willing to share. Maybe we can learn something from this too.


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2 responses to “Magicians Peforming For Magicians

  1. And seeing as you mentioned me you can find the full story at
    I too was at a restaurant in BC and the performer refused to show anything at the table. Then there was the time the performer wouldn’t leave me alone.

    My favourite had to be the time when the performer came up to me with his ‘Black and White Surprise’ which he purchased that day and he wanted me to show him how it worked so he could use it at other tables that evening. Made me wonder how he got a job in the first place.


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