George Schindler – The Dean of The Society Of American Magicians



Dean George Schindler

Whenever I have a question about anything in magic I ask George. He knows everything. He was one of the first people we met and did business with when we started out about 35 years ago. Phil and I have been friends with Nina and George ever since. We used to make it a point to get together for a week-end every year at a convenient place like Atlantic City or  someplace in New Hampshire or at my son’s home in Port Matlilda, Pennsylvania or at my brother’s farm in Abbottsford,  British Columbia. ( I included photos of the cows  on the farm and that’s me with a broom in my hand as the cows had broken through the electric fence and I was trying to keep them from going on the road while  my brother went to get a pail of oats to lure them back where they belonged.)

Evy keeping the cows at bay.

At the farm. From the left Jim McTier (in the shadow), Nina Schindler, Phil, George Schindler, Len Ellis

Evy's brother's farm in Bristish Columbia

In case we didn’t meet the Schindlers on purpose, believe it or not, we would bump into each other quite by accident on the highway. This happened at least 3 times. Once we were driving and I said “Doesn’t that guy look like George?” Phil looked over and said,”That is George!” We started honking and we both pulled over at the next rest area.

Another time we  stopped somewhere in New Jersey at a gas station. We hardly ever stop at the service areas but Phil was hungry so we stopped for a bite but filled up the car first. Just across from us at the next pump George was getting his car filled up. We all started screaming and George’s gas attendant couldn’t understand what was going on. We just couldn’t believe it! Again! We’ve known each other’s children since they were little. Its been a great relationship. A few years back we went to George and Nina’s 50th wedding anniversary party. We felt honored that we were one of the few magician friends to be invited.

George’s life has been and still is a versatile one in the world of entertainment. He’s been a full time professional magician since 1970. Last week I wrote

about Frank Garcia. George and Frank founded the School for Magicians in New York City in 1973. George did TV commercials and played the magician in Woody Allen’s New York Stories. He has won numerous awards over the years and produced many magic shows. He is proficient in close-up, stage, comedy, ventriloquism, author of many books, including Magic With Cards which he co-authored with Frank Garcia. It was an excellent seller in our shop, by the way. He created several magic effects as well. On top of that he is a magic dealer in New York – Showbiz  Services.

Presentation to the Endowment Fund. From the left - Phil, Stan Tesher, Tony Nielson, George Schindler, Mike Deslauriers, Cynthia Martin,

In 2005 he was named Dean of the American Magicians, by the Society of American Magicians.

When he was President of the SAM (Society of American Magicians), George was presented with $1000.00 cheque for the Magic Endowment Fund of the SAM by the Magic Tom Auburn Montreal Assembly of the SAM at Magie Montreal. Mike Deslauriers was the President and Stan Tesher was Vice-President at the time.

George is well known in Montreal, as he attended and took part in many of our events. We hope to enjoy our friendship for many years to come


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6 responses to “George Schindler – The Dean of The Society Of American Magicians

  1. Hello Compeers! It has been awhile since I was able to attend the Parent Assembly meetings & shows, I had been married for eleven years and still making things appear & disappear, but I hadn’t received any MUM news at my mailing address: 59 Willowbrook Road Staten Island NY 10302 I hope is well with the compeers and hope to hear from George, Nina, Steve, etc. If you want to telephone me and leave a message on the answering machine look in the Staten Island NY telephone directory for my telephone number. So . . let me disappear hear and see things appear at my address MUM the word.


    • Hello Compeers throughout the magical world of this mother Earth, Dr. Z is being re-instated this year (2011) I would like to read /hear from the other magical compeers of the Parent Assembly #1 and other other international assemblies – mail your literature to my address 59 Willowbrook Road 1st floor apt. or check with the Exec. Secretary for information Thank you .


  2. To the Department of Membership of the S.A.M. international – contact member Zawada in Staten Island NY – Thank You MUM is the word


    • Mark Zawada

      Hello Compeers of the Society of American Magicians,
      It has been awhile that I receive any input from members
      of the Parent Assembly and other assembly members. I would appreciate any responses of the organizations at
      Mark Zawada 59 Willowbrook Road Staten Isle 10302 #1


  3. Mark Zawada

    Member, Dr. Zawada would like input to him at his home address from the S.A.M. organization. Thank You.


  4. Mark G. Zawada

    member Dr. Mark G Zawada will appreciate a recent hello from other members


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