Terry Seabrooke

Terry Seabrooke was a first class entertainer, a comedian and a magician rolled into one. He did funny things and made funny noises and always had you fooled. He performed at Magie Montreal in 1986. We had a lot of laughter that year. Bob Little did his Dovino act. The Great Unknown had us hysterical as usual. Hank Moorehouse and Al Cohen were up to their usual antics.

Terry Seabrooke only came to Magie Montreal that one time, but we formed a bond with him immediately. Terry came to our after convention party which fortunately we have some photos of. Actually one of the photos is of Terry taking pictures.

He phoned us one fine summer day to say he was performing on a cruise ship and is docked in Montreal for a few hours. He invited Phil and me to have a drink with him on board the ship when we finished work. We did and were treated royally by him. The thing that struck me about him is that while we were sitting at a table chatting about this and that we would be interrupted every few minutes by guests on the ship that had seen him perform and had a comment to make to him. He would talk to them or bark at them or do something silly to make them laugh. We were impressed with his patience and showmanship even when he wasn’t working.

I came across a photograph of Terry which he had given to us when he was here for the convention. (See photo at top of blog). Above his autograph he wrote “It was magic in Montreal- Thanks!!!” It was magic wherever he was. He passed away Jan 11.2011 That’s 1/11/11. We will miss him.


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2 responses to “Terry Seabrooke

  1. Michel Asselin

    So sorry to hear that Terry passed away. He lives on on YouTube – but videos fail to capture the energy he brought along with him. For me, he was the prototype of the European comedy magician. He had worked with tough, difficult audiences in the trenches (british pubs, workingmen’s associations) and flourished under these conditions; and once you pull that off, you could pull off anything. His pace was fast yet relaxed; his demeanor quite friendly… He could get away with pretty tough lines on stage because his delivery was perfect. And he was quite influential. A young David Copperfield used his bill in envelopes routine in his early a-special-every-years year. (and this was old even by then – few realised that the approach was a parody of “Just Chance” type routines. I have vivid memories of his turn at Magic Montreal.


  2. evelyn

    That was an elegant and accurate description of Terry. I’m sure he would enjoy it.


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