The Dealers

There are dealers and there are  Magic Dealers, like Perfect Magic. A highlight at most magic conventions are the dealers. They come from all over the world. Some conventions have an older crowd. They come to see their old friends,  the shows, the lectures, and browse around in the dealer’s room, but alas, rarely buy. Their shows are set, they don’t want to start learning new tricks so unless something really special comes out, its tough.

Fortunately for us, when we had our conventions in Montreal, we had a young vibrant magic community. Thirty some years ago, Magie Montreal, put on by Phil Matlin and Wim Vermeys,was the first Magic Convention ever held in Montreal. It took place in the Quebec Pavillion on the Expo 67 Site. The dealers made a killing. Local magicians and some from Ottawa and Quebec City had never seen such a variety of magic.  Remember, no internet, no video tapes (What are video tapes?), just paper catalogs.  Here you had people with the props who knew how to demonstrate.

The word got out. After the first year the dealers would kill to get a booth at our convention. Some performers who also had products to sell, used to say we didn’t have to pay them. Just give us a booth.

Many are now retired, but perhaps you’ll enjoy a visit down memory lane. These are some dealers from Magie Montreal 1981. Hank Lee of Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, Arthur Emerson of Emerson amd West, Bruce Calver of Top Hat Magic, Bob Little of Guaranteed Magic, and Tricky Business and I don’t remember his name. Do You? There were probably others but that’s all I could find for that year.

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