The Real Adventure With Jeff McBride

Many years ago, when singer Tom Jones was all the rage, we got a call from Jeff McBride that Tom Jones was going to perform in Montreal at the Place des Arts in Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier and he, Jeff, was going to be the opening act. He gave us the date of the performance and was so kind as invite us and said to he would leave 4 complimentary tickets at the box office for us and Romaine and Joan, who we usually went out with on Saturday nights when they lived in Montreal.

So the big night came. We went out for dinner and at about twenty minutes to eight we arrived at the box office to pick up our tickets. Lo and Behold! There were no tickets. We told the girl at the box office that we were invited by Jeff McBride to attend and he would have the tickets here for us. She called the manager and he told us to wait where we were and in 10 minutes he came back and said “Follow Me.”

He took us to an elevator which he opened with his key and escorted us to a lovely box and told us to enjoy the show. We did.

Jeff, by the way, was excellent and got a standing ovation. In a room like that it was really something! Tom was good too.

After the show we went backstage to see Jeff and to thank him for a wonderful evening. When we got there and asked to see Jeff, they told us he left right after his act so we never got to thank him.

This, as I said, happened many years ago. There was no email or cell phones and when we tried to reach him at home he was on the road, so we never got to thank him.

Time passed and one day we bump into him at a convention. He took one look at us and put his two hands to his face and opened his mouth in horror! “I forgot to leave the tickets!”

“It’s okay. Don’t you remember? The manager went to clear it with you.”

” Nobody cleared anything with me. The crew has strict orders that no, one under any circumstances, is to disturb me before a show.”

We guessed the manager made a decision on his own.

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