An Adventure With Jeff McBride

Early Jeff McBride

We have known Jeff since he was just starting off – a struggling magician, who as you all know, did very well. Many of you probably met him when he performed at Magie Montreal. He did a 6 month stint at the Queen Elizabeth hotel and many of you went to see his show and got to know him personally.

Every time  magicians went to see his show we would get a visit from them asking for a set of Linking Rings, exactly the same ones that Jeff had. We would point to the set on the wall.

“No, not those. The ones Jeff used.”

“Those are the ones.”

“No, I already have those. You can’t do the things he did with  ordinary rings.”

That was the usual course of the conversation after they saw his show. Then one Saturday afternoon, when we were opened Saturday afternoons, there was a group of magicians hanging out at the shop. Jeff walked in. There was a lot of excitement at his arrival, and when things quieted down Phil said, “Jeff, would you do me a favor? Would you do your ring routine for these guys?”

Sure, said Jeff. Can I borrow those rings ?

So Jeff took the linking rings off the wall where they were hanging and proceeded to do his act in front of the guys who watched intently with their mouths hanging open.

He teaches his ring routines (along with a bunch of other stuff) on McBride Magic On Stage Vol 1. The Commando Act.

Actually, this was not the story I was going to write about Jeff, but my pen takes me places and I just follow! Next time I’ll tell you what I had intended to.


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2 responses to “An Adventure With Jeff McBride

  1. Isn’t it amazing how the words sometimes just kind of form all on their own?

    I had a similiar incident. I sold a cups and balls, you know the plastic ones. I performed exactly as the instructions instruct. Two days later the guy comes back into the shop explaining to me how I sold him the wrong thing. He wanted the cups that I used. So I showed him exactly what I did and how. “No” he said, “I want the ones you showed me the other day” so I explained that this is what I did the other day and showed him again from the spectators view, “yes” he said, “That is what I want” so I showed him again. “No” he said, I want the other one you just showed me. I explained again that it was the same thing, the first time from the magicians perspective, the second time the spectators perspective. Strangely he stayed a customer, a good customer and a very nice man. He is now a customer of yours.


    • evelyn

      Sometimes I do the Professor’s Nightmare and they’ll come back and say they saw me put 3 equal ropes down on the table when the trick was over. How did I do that?


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