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Magicians here, magicians there, magicians, they are everywhere!

Last Saturday we were invited to our Rabbi’s son’s Bar Mitzvah. Our Rabbi used to live across the street from us so we have known the Bar Mitzvah boy since he was born. For those who are unfamiliar with Jewish customs, when a boy turns 13 he is called up to read from the Torah and officially becomes a man and accepts the responsibilities for his actions, good and bad. All his relatives and friends are there and being the Rabbi’s son it was a special Bar Mitzvah.

After the Saturday morning services there was a sit down luncheon, a beautiful setting and a delicious meal. There were over 600 guests. There were 9 people at our table. One couple we knew from the synagogue. Another couple used to live behind us, our back yards met, over 30 years ago. The wife’s sister was there with her husband and a friend. We chatted away. At one point the sister of my former neighbor said to me,

“I’m trying to place you. I know I know you but I don’t know from where. Do I look familiar to you?”

“Yes, you do. I thought it was because you look like your sister. “

“No. Besides that.”

So we went through schools and the usual possibilities and then it hit her.

“You’re the lady in the magic shop. I go there every so often to buy magic.”

“Now I remember. You buy magic for your grandchildren when you go to visit them.”

“I buy the magic for myself. I don’t give it to the children. I perform for them. They love it.”

My old neighbor, her sister, said she had young grandchildren too. Soon the whole table was coming up to the shop. You just never know when and where you’ll meet up with a magician. Magicians come in all shapes and sizes.

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