About Phil

The first time magicians come to Perfect Magic shop they usually ask Phil if he is a performer. He says yes, I’m a ragtime and nostalgia piano player. And he is. He even has two CDs out, Ragtime Magic and Ragtime Daze.

But everyone wants to know if he does magic. He’ll deny it, but he did, when he was younger. If someone wants a magician now, we usually refer them to some of our customers.

Here are some photos of Phil to prove my point.

He always finished his stage show with Multiplying Bottles. That was always an audience pleaser. You can see that it goes back a few years so I don’t remember the whole routine, but it looks like he tied it in with This . He loves the Pom Poms. Phil also has an hour and a half Vaudeville show with Romaine, called Back In Time featuring magic, music, comedy, and ventriloquism.

Top from left to right. Photos 1 -5 are from the Gala show at a Clowns Canada show in Moncton New Brunswick. Photo #6 Was a show at  Courtland Park School For The Montreal assembly of the SAM, produced by Blair Marshall and photos  7 & 8 are from a Campvention show in Blythe Ontario. Over 1000 people attended this show.

Phil also did close up. Here he is performing The Endless Chain. and he has an excellent routine for it in his lecture notes, (yes, he used to lecture as well) and of course his routine is in the instructions. He did card tricks too. Bewildered and Future Foretold Improved also in his lecture notes are ones he always did.

The Endless Chai

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